• Surrounding area of Hakodate, Onuma, and Matsumae

Hokuto City Tourism Exchange Center

Check here for information on COVID-19 countermeasures
1-1-1, Ichinowatari, Hokuto-shi, Hokkaido

Information on COVID-19 countermeasures

Hokuto Hokuto City Tourism Exchange Center

Staff countermeasures / Requests to customers
  • Thorough implementation of the following for employees and staff: wearing of mask and face shield, washing of hands, disinfection of hands, regular body temperature check, and management of health
  • Requests the following of customers: wearing of mask, washing of hands, and disinfection of hands
Disinfection Countermeasures
  • Alcohol for hand disinfection is made available
  • Regular disinfection of areas in contact with multiple people
Reception and Front-desk Countermeasures
  • Installation of plastic curtains or acrylic boards